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Chiropractor in Oceanside, California
Oceanside Chiropractor

Are You As Healthy As You Would Like To Be?

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Learn for Yourself How Corrective Chiropractic Can Help You Get Back to Your Life!

Chiropractor in Oceanside, California

Is Pain Running Your Life?

When pain is robbing you, selecting the right chiropractor shouldn't leave you feeling frustrated and uncertain. We make the selection process clear, simple, and risk-free, so you can get right to work on restoring the lifestyle you deserve.

Pain-Free Living

Specific Chiropractic Care targets the true causes of your pain, which once addressed, lets you live pain free.

Chiropractic headache relief

Your Guide to Health.

We understand what it’s like to know what you need to do but to struggle with evaluating the options, picking the right one for you, and finding someone you can trust.

It can be overwhelming, which is why after 35 years of treating 1,000’s of patients successfully, we work with our patients to design specific corrective approaches for your lifestyle and ailments to get you the results you want. 

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Here’s How We Do It:

Building Your Health Program

Call Today

Call to set-up your NO COST, ZERO RISK consultation!

Individual Care

Back to Health

Together, we'll design an approach for your lifestyle to get you back in the game!

You begin your pain-free journey and empowered life!

Get Your Life Back

Schedule your consultation today so you can stop being overwhelmed, frustrated, and fed-up with having your life revolve around a treatable condition. Start feeling better and getting back to doing all the things you love to do.

About Our Doctor

Oceanside Chiropractor, Dr. Jason Kullmann

"I would personally like to thank you for visiting our website and welcome you to our office. We hope that you find this site beneficial in helping you make informed healthcare decisions for you and your family.


My own personal experience with chiropractic began early in my childhood when I so severely injured my lower back that I could barely walk due to excruciating pain. Being a lifelong chiropractic patient, my mother took me to her chiropractor. After the initial treatment, I was able to walk upright and without that "electric shock" type pain. Following the second treatment, I was like new and back to all my normal childhood activities. Since my initial experience to now, my over 25 years as a practicing chiropractor, I have seen first hand the many benefits of conservative chiropractic care.


It has always been my personal philosophy that “health is our most valuable asset" but unfortunately we only value it when we lose it! Thus many of our patients are motivated to initially seek our treatment because of common conditions such as; low back or neck pain, disc injuries, headaches, shoulder pain, carpal tunnel, and TMJ dysfunction. Whether it is caused by an auto or sports-related injury, or everyday life, chiropractic has been shown to be an excellent, cost-effective and safe alternative to prescription medications and more invasive procedures for many common conditions.

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Oceanside Chiropractor

Dr. Jason Kullmann

4055 Oceanside Blvd Ste E.

Oceanside, CA 92056


Phone: (760) 764-4040

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