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Oceanside Chiropractor

- Patient Reviews -
"We don't say we are the best..our patients do!"

"I'd like to say 'thank you' to all of our wonderful patients. Our clinic is truly blessed to have such a wonderful patient family base. It truly is an honor to be your doctor and serve you with the art, gift, and quality health care. Thank you."


Dr. Jason Kullmann
Oceanside Blvd. Chiropractic

Low Back Pain

“As a competitive athlete, I’ve worked closely with a large number of chiropractors and other medical professionals’ over the last ten years.  Dr. Kullmann clearly understands the needs of athletes and has a unique ability to understand the demands of my sport, the particulars of its effect on the body, and to provide the care I need to keep me healthy and competitive at a high level.  The accuracy and thoroughness of his diagnostic and corrective methods far exceed those of any practitioner with whom I’ve ever worked. The quality of my care is critical for my continued success, and Dr. Kullmann is the only chiropractor I trust.”

-Gregg Everett 

CSCS, RKC, USA Weightlifting Coach, publisher of The Performance Menu journal, author of the book Olympic Weightlifting: A Complete Guide for Athletes and Coaches, state champion and national level competitive weightlifter

Back Pain

Dr. Kullmann,

Just a thank you for all your help through the years, keeping me throwing. Before my first adjustment some 20 years ago, I would lose about one week every month because of back pain, unable to workout my hitters.  Now, as I approach 50, with just an occasional adjustment I am still throwing strong. Also, I can’t thank you enough for all you have done for the friends, family, and ballplayers I have sent your way, they are never disappointed! My hitters thank you too, being able to throw to them (1,000’s of pitches per week) is a huge part of making professional hitters. Here is a look at what you have partnered in over the years:



Jim Sullivan

Professional hitting instructor

Back Pain

“There was doubt in my mind that he (Dr. Kullmann) could help me but I was really willing to try anything. I told him (Dr. Kullmann) of my back hurting and how difficult it was to bend my arm to eat.  Now, “My back feels better…my walk is stronger…my balance is almost 100% and I am now able to bend my arm to eat.  Dr. Jason Kullmann has been a blessing to me.

Thank you, 

Julia N.Age 78

Back Pain

I want to express deep gratitude to Dr. Kullmann and am so thankful that he is such a fantastic chiropractor.  I put my trust in him 4 months ago to help me with several old and new conditions.  These pains cleared up within a few months of treatment!  Thank you Dr. Kulmlann for all that you do.  I tell all my clients, family and friends how much better I feel and that you could do the same for them.

Michelle S.

Personal Trainer

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